Aktivitäten für April: am 25. April fällig! (posted 28. März 2007)

  1. Download a copy of this page, the rubric, and the log sheet and put them in your notebook for this month. Make sure your parent(s)/guardian(s) sign off when you complete each activity.
  2. Kassette Nr. 3 (14 Punkte) : Come to class before or after school or at lunch. Make an appointment first and don’t wait to the last minute! (Don’t forget - I’m not here after school on Black Days!) You may come in to record your speaking starting April 4, 2007.
  3. Vokabular (7 Punkte): Do the Komm Mit self test Aktivität 2. Check your answers and record your score on the log.
  4. Grammatik: (10 Punkte) Komparativ üben Print and complete this worksheet on comparative adjectives.
  5. Der Eisbär Knut: (20 Punkte) Watch the video “Pelztier Knut zeigt sich das Publikum” at http://www.focus.de/panorama/videos and make a list of 20 German words you know in German.
  6. Stuttgart besichtigen - go to the Stuttgart Tourism website and look at the various Sehenswürdigkeiten. Print the picture as well as a description of the place and write a few sentences in English explaining why you chose this Sehenswürdigkeit. Choose 3 that you would like to visit.
  7. Eine Wohnung finden (20 Punkte) Download and complete this worksheet on finding a place to live in Germany.
  8. Schrebergärten: Read this article about “Schrebergärten” in Germany . Then go to this website (http://www.polo-gartenhaeuser.de/Produkte/produkte.html) and choose a Gartenhaus that you would like to have. Print a picture of the one you like best and list the style name, as well as a few of the things you liked about it. Also write a short reflection on the role of the Schrebergarten for Germans and what it says about their culture.
  9. Take two assignments we have done in class. Put them in your notebook. Reflect on what you learned from these activities. also reflect on how you learned it, the challenges and mistakes you made during the learning process and how you are going to keep practicing these items in order to acquire it.
  10. Now write two paragraphs about the notebook activities you did this month. Include what you could do well, what challenges you faced and what mistakes you made before you finished. Elaborate how these challenges and mistakes helped you learn and research on your own. Add anything else that highlights your learning process.