Du machst eine Sammlung von digitale Ressourcen! You will be creating a wikispace to use as a digital collection for resources, as well as for some assignments this year.

Aufgabe 1: Macht eine persönliche Wikiseite!

1. Go to Wikispaces Student and sign up for an account. Your username and wikispace should be your German first name, last initial (NO LAST NAME!), two digit year of graduation. Ex.: FrankM13. If you already are a wikispaces member, create a new wiki with the name as described.
2. When you create your account, choose "yes" for make a wiki.
3. When you are creating your wiki, make sure to select "K-12 Education" on the drop down menu for your industry. Also be sure to click the box for Educational Use.
4. Once your wiki is created, send me an e-mail with a link to it. kendra.omlid@thompsonschools.org Once I receive your link, I will add a link to the lhsgerman wikispace under Digital Portfolios/2012-2013.

Aufgabe 2: Creating Pages and Editing your Navigation Menu

1. Go to your wiki! Click on "edit navigation".
2. Delete the box that is there and type "Home".
3. Highlight "Home" and click the Link button at the top of the menu. Choose the page name "Home"
4. Save.
5. Each time you want to make a new page-click on edit navigation, then type name of page, highlight it, click on link (it is a wiki link), then click save.
6. Each time you want to connect to an outside link, type word or phrase you want for that link, highlight it, click on link, click on external link, click save.
7. Create the following pages and be sure they are displayed in yoru navigation bar:
  • Hilfreiche Links
  • Globalisierung
  • Naturwissenschaft und Technologie
  • Alltag
  • Persönliche und Öffentliche Identität
  • Familie und Gemeinschaft
  • Schönheit und Ästhetik

Aufgabe 3: Personalize your Wiki!

1. On your home page, write: Willkommen auf meinem Wiki! Ich heiße...(German first name - NO LAST NAME!)
2. Create a 2 by 2 table.
3. Find two pictures for Loveland High (or your home school) and two pictures for Loveland. Click "File" in the top menu and then "external image" Paste the link for the image and click "load" Double click to add to your table.
4. Create a table with two columns and three rows. Find school appropriate images representing the German speaking world and add them to the table.
5. Also have fun changing the theme, colors, fonts, etc. of your wiki.
5. SAVE!

Aufgabe 4: Sucht Artikeln zu den 6 Themen! (Assigned 10/9/12, due 10/23/12)

1. According to your own interests, look for articles that relate to the 6 Themes. Tip: Browse and find an article that seems interesting, then think about which Theme it belongs to. OR search google.de for a topic that interests you, i.e., and see what articles you get as results

Some good websites for browsing:
Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle - Top Themen mit Vokabeln
Deutschland Magazin
Readers Digest Deutschland
die Zeit
der Tagesspiegel
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

2. For each Theme, choose 1 or 2 that seem most interesting and comprehensible to you and add a link to them on the appropriate theme page.