Aktivitäten für Februar/März: am 21. März fällig! (posted 15. Februar 2007)

  1. Download a copy of this page, the rubric, and the log sheet and put them in your notebook for this month. Make sure your parent(s)/guardian(s) sign off when you complete each activity.
  2. Kassette Nr. 2 (14 Punkte) : Come to class before or after school or at lunch. Make an appointment first and don’t wait to the last minute! (Don’t forget - I’m not here after school on Black Days!) You may come in to record your speaking starting February 20, 2007.
  3. Zuhören: Listen to the audio empty.png[[../../space/showimage/beim Arzt.ram| beim Arzt.ram]] and answer the questions on this worksheet: msword.png[[../../space/showimage/beim Arzt Arbeitsblatt.doc| beim Arzt Arbeitsblatt.doc]] . If the audio file here doesn’t work, you can link to the Alles Klar page, then click “Audio Program” and scroll down to “Hörverständnis 6-1 Gespräche - Hören Sie zu!"
  4. Schreiben (36 Punkte). Schreib jetzt ein Dialog oder eine Geschichte. Write a short (7-10 sentences) dialogue, conversation or story. The scene is: Max doesn’t want to go to school today because he’s sick (or is pretending to be sick). He tells his mother his symptoms, and she decides what he should do (e.g. suggests remedies or tells him to go to school). Feel free to be creative, but make sure to use some of the ‘sickness’ vocabulary we’ve been practicing. (Graded using the Writing Rubric – 36 points)
  5. Grammatik – Verben mit Dativ (10 Punkte) Click on the link to the Komm Mit website and complete Self Test activity 4. IMPORTANT: Once you have filled in the blanks print it before correcting it. Put it in your notebook. Check it. Record the activity and the score on your log sheet. Each answer is worth 1 point.
  6. Visit the Meine Gesundheit website and click on „Krankheiten“ List 10 of the various categories shown. Write the German words down and then translate to English. Do we have similar concerns and health problems here in the US?
  7. Hamburg: Visit http://www.stadtpanoramen.de/en/hamburg/images_hamburg.html and view some of the 360 degree images of Hamburg. Write down a few sentences in English with your impressions, including what you see that you recognize as being “typical German” and some things that might have surprised you.
  8. Einkaufen gehen (20 Punkte) Winter doesn’t seem to come to an end. It is cold and snow is still in the forecast. Fortunately, tomorrow you are going on a vacation to a popular island destination for Germans—Mallorca. You still have to do some last-minute shopping. You need essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, body lotion, and, most importantly, sun block. Visit the website for a popular Drogerie to shop for the items. (www.rossmann.de - click on “Haut & Haar” to find the products you need). Write down which products you will buy: List: 1) the product (i.e., Zahnpasta), 2) the brand name, 3) price, and 4) include a picture if possible. If you use a website other than Rossmann.de, be sure and list your source(s).
  9. Take two assignments we have done in class. Put them in your notebook. Reflect on what you learned from these activities. also reflect on how you learned it, the challenges and mistakes you made during the learning process and how you are going to keep practicing these items in order to acquire it.
  10. Now write two paragraphs about the notebook activities you did this month. Include what you could do well, what challenges you faced and what mistakes you made before you finished. Elaborate how these challenges and mistakes helped you learn and research on your own. Add anything else that highlights your learning process.