Good Websites for additional Learning

Oxford German Dictionary Reference Material
Vistawide German - full of great information about culture and language!
Deutsche Welle Online German Learning - high school learners need levels A1-B1
BBC Online Tips for learning Languages
BBC German
Deutsche Welle Vocabulary Trainer (With Audio)
Paul Joyce Online German (Good Audio of Conversations)
Kaleidoskop Online Practice

About German Speaking Countries:

Wikipedia Portal Germany
Wikipedia Portal Austria
Wikipedia Portal Switerland

About the German Language:

German on the Internet
10 Reasons to learn German

Online Dictionaries:

BEOLINGUS Online Dictionary - from Technische Universität Chemnitz *Excellent Dictionary*
This website also features pronunciation examples!!! - Great dictionary with audio examples spoken by native speakers! (*ALSO HAS A FREE APP for iPhone!**)
Ultralingua Online Dictionary - A great online dictionary, but be aware that there is a daily limit on searches if you're not a subscriber.
LEO Online Dictionary
Online German Spell Checker

Typing Special German Characters:

To type umlauts in Word:
- On a PC: Hold Control + Shift + : at the same time, then type the letter you want to add an umlaut to (a, o, u)
- On a Mac: Hold Option + U, then type the letter you want to add an umlaut to (a, o, u)
- On the web:
ä = ALT + 132
ü = ALT + 129
ö = ALT + 148

To type ß:
- On a PC (Word): Hold Control + Shift + 7 at the same time, then type s
- On a Mac (Word): Hold Option + S,
- On the web: ALT + 225