Starting in January 2007, Pre-IB students will be completing a set of independent learning activities every month. In order to give you the extra listening, speaking, reading and writing practice you will need for IB, you will do the Aktivit├Ąten posted every month on the Wikispace ( I will collect and grade the notebook and grade the activities, as well as record the scores at the end of each month. These will be a part of your grades. The notebook counts as an exam/project grade.
Rubric for IB Portfolio Notebook:
IB Log Sheet:
  • You will need a cassette and a three-ring binder with a tab for each month.
  • You will have a log to indicate the date you did the activity, the name of the activity, the score on the activity (if available) and a parent's signature.
  • You will keep all associated activities or projects in the notebook. I will collect it at the end of each month. I will check activities and record the grades for those activities. I also will mark scores from any activity where you took an online quiz.
  • All papers and activities must be hole punched and fit in your notebook.
  • Remember to carefully follow instructions. This is one of the skills needed to be an independent learner as described by the IB profile.
  • This portfolio should be professional looking and care taken to completely do the activities in a professional manner.

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