The five Areas of Interaction (AOI):
  • Approaches to Learning (ATL) concerns the skills students develop in each grade to understand and manage their own learning process. It might include time management, self-organization, research skills, etc. ATL is vital to giving our students learning skills for life, rather than simply teaching them to pass examinations.
  • Environments (ENVs) concerns student awareness of our relationship and responsibility towards the natural environment.
  • Human Ingenuity (HI) fosters student development of an understanding of the way culture and technology has shaped history and progress and what changes may be in store in the future.
  • Health and Social Education (H&S) encourages students to consider how to live a healthy life and be active members of a supportive and functional society.
  • Community & Service (C&S) promotes student understanding of their place in a community, and prompts them to take action within it by meeting and helping others. ISP has a C&S coordinator who assists students in this AOI.


  • Themes: