flag.gifWillkommen bei der deutschen Wikiseite von LHS!

Welcome to the German Wikispace for LHS!

I use this wikispace to highlight and link to the abundant German language and cultural resources that are available online. I hope that it helps and inspires my students, their parents, and fellow German teachers! If you find any links or other information of interest, please pass it on--I am always looking for information about Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to add to my wikispace! If you are a fellow German teacher using this site, I would love to hear how you are using it.

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German 1 (and German 1 Honors*)

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*The cover sheets are the same for students who are enrolled in Pre-AP, IB MYP, AP, and IB. The basic policies apply to all students, and some differences will be seen in the rubrics used, activities/assignments, and the structure of some assessments.

Verstehen Sie Spass? Unsichtbar / German "Candid Camera" TV Show - Invisible

Below are some pictures from Germany and other German speaking countries for you to enjoy. - Frau Omlid
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin - Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Schloss Braunfels, Deutschland - Braunfels Castle, Germany
Salzburg, Österreich - Salzburg, Austria
die Schweiz - Switzerland